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Magic Returns

The Magic Returns universe is set a few years in our future, where magic has suddenly become commonplace in the world.  With its return has come strange powers, magical items with effects ranging from trivial to devastating, and many transformations.  No one is sure why magic has come back to our world but everyone has to deal with the repercussions...

WARNING:  Most of these stories have at least some adult (if not mature!) content.  Do not read if you are under 18 or easily offended.


Recent Additions


9/12/2004 Created page

2/24/2005 Updated Chapter 3 of The Body Stylist
                   Added Chapter 4 of The Body Stylist

03/17/2005 Added Chapter 5 of The Body Stylist

08/14/2005  Added Chapter 6 of The Body Stylist



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