The Body Stylist


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The Body Stylist

This is a work in progress, so be warned that it may change!  This is one person's story of the Return of Magic and how he deals with the changes to himself and his world.

WARNING:  This story contains explicit sexual scenes.  Do not read if you are under 18 or easily offended.


Recent Additions


9/12/2004 Created page

10/16/2004 Added Chapter 3.  Danny gets ready to face the world.

2/24/2005  Updated Chapter 3, mainly for grammar and prose.
                   Added Chapter 4, Interactions and Reflections

03/17/2005 Added Chapter 5, Home Again Home Again

08/14/2005 Added Chapter 6, Danni's New Day.  Also posted revised versions of the intro and first five chapters to correct a few issues.  Nothing major has changed so if you have already read the first few chapters you should not have to reread them!



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