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Who is Circe?

Circe is many things.  First and foremost she is a figure from the writings of Ulysses and possibly part of the Green pantheon (though there is some debate about that; she may have simply been a character in a story).   She (or versions of her) have appeared in other stories, artwork, movies, and comic books since.  She is normally portrayed as a somewhat villainous woman who turns unwary sailors into pigs -- or sometimes as a proto-feminist giving men their just desserts.

To that I say, read the story more closely.  She changed men into all sorts of forms -- not just pigs.  There were men in all sorts of shapes hanging around her abode.  It is also hinted that she transformed females as well though the only females we see are her assistants.  Finally, Ulysses broadly hints that she derives pleasure from changing others and could be somewhat capricious in using her powers.

I grew up watching Bewitched and I Dream of Jeanie and could never understand why those men did not take advantage of the situation.  They had great magical powers at their disposal but for the most tried to prevent their magical partners from using their abilities!  Circe was more what I would expect from someone who was basically good but not necessarily a saint and gifted with awesome powers.  She used her abilities for her own ends, whatever they might be, but generally did no permanent harm.  Thus I dream of being Circe and changing others in all sorts of interesting ways.

On the other hand, Circe is an idealized partner for me as well.  I want to be transformed as much as I want to transform others.  Part of me wants to meet Circe and let her play with my body just as much as I want to be her and play with other people's bodies.

In other words, it is complicated.

Contacting Me

The simplest way to contact me is to send email to circe@iquest.net.  You can also leave feedback at this site.

You may have encountered me online in a variety of ways.  I am Circe on several MUCKs and in various writing groups (TSA, TG Fiction, etc.).  I have used Circe as a pen name while writing Addventure episodes.  I am old enough to have been one of the early CompuServe users and spent a great deal of time in their "CB" rooms as Circe or Tabitha Stevens (like I said, I watched a lot of Bewitched).  Finally, I have used Circe Taurina on the Multi-Breast site and circetaur as an account name in the various Yahoo groups.   Whew.

There are other Circe's out there, though, so be aware that there is more than one sorceress who may just change your whole outlook on life.

Who are you, really?

If you are wondering about the "real" me, all I can say is that Circe is a very real part of me that only finds expression as a magical alter ego.  The rest is a story for another time.


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