Size Matters

A Tabitha and Kevin Story

By Circe


(Author's note:  You should read "Tabitha" before reading this story, but I have included a brief summary of what occurred as seen through Tabitha's eyes)



I could not believe I had been so careless.  A mortal man had seen me using my magic!  My family would have dealt with him quickly and permanently and probably in a way that would be no fun at all.


I had seen him before, of course.  He lived upstairs from me and I had run into him a few times in the lobby or elevator.  I had deliberately run into him a few more times and hoped that he would take the hint.  He was either not interested or being obtuse, though, and I had not decided yet whether I should work harder on accidentally-on-purpose meeting him when fate took care of things for us.


Kevin, for reasons I've never quite understood, was wandering around the basement of our apartment building when I returned from one of my late night prowls.  You see, I love exploring the city some nights, usually as a cat.  Go ahead and laugh.  I have heard all of the "Tabby" or "Tabby-cat" jokes from my brother and his friends.  It could be worse, I suppose; I could be named Katrina like one of my best friends.


Anyway, imagine my surprise when I heard a big thump behind me just as the last of my fur was retreating into my skin.  Kevin was stretched out behind me like a sack of potatoes.  Okay, a cute sack of potatoes.  He had fainted, which actually was not an unusual reaction for mortals confronted with real magic.


I was delighted to find, though, that he got over his fright very quickly and even managed to ask me out despite the strangeness of our midnight meeting.  That sort of open-mindedness needed to be rewarded, I decided, and we spent several enjoyable evenings together.


I found that Kevin was a wonderful man.  He was not outrageously handsome but was very good looking and seemed completely unaware of it.  He laughed at himself as easily as he laughed at others.  Best of all, he appreciated my oddball sense of humor.


Still, he was not the most observant of men.  I practically had to drag him into my bed one night before he finally got the hint.


He may be slow at times but he does have some wonderful redeeming qualities, such as his wonderfully talented tongue.


We were lying together in bed after our first time together, enjoying the delicate intimacy that new lovers share.  There was a problem though.

"You really shouldn't worry about it, Kevin.  Trust me, I enjoyed myself!" 


"I'm glad to hear that but I still worry about it."


"Size doesn't matter, sweetie.  Not nearly as much as what you do with it!"


"Uh-huh.  Check's in the mail, I've got a cute sister for you to meet, etc., etc."


I sighed.  "I'm sorry I called it cute.  I really didn't mean to hurt you."  How could I resist?  His penis was cute.  True, it was short, but it was also nice and thick and quite a handful...or mouthful.


He kissed me.  Goddess knows that man can kiss!  I felt my toes curl.  "Hey, it's ok," he said in his knight-in-shining-armor voice.  "As long as you had fun..."

"Oh, yes," I purred, just to let him know I appreciated his attempt at nobility.  I needed to do something to get him off this track! "I have an idea, lover boy.  How about we play a game?"


He brushed a hand down my side and then cupped one of my breasts.  I shivered happily.  My nipples have always been sensitive and I had enhanced that sensitivity with a delightful little spell Katrina had shown me. I purred again and nibbled on one of his earlobes.  "I thought we were already doing that?" he said.  "It's a great game, by the way."


I giggled and slapped at his hand but did not actually push it away.  His thumb was starting to make lovely little circles on my nipple.   "Silly boy.  Do you want to play or not?"


His hand slid off of my breast.  I pouted and he gave me his best "I'm deadly serious" look.  "No changing into a frog?  Or anything else with more than two legs?"


I smirked, knowing I had him.  "No frogs.  Games have to have challenges and rewards.  Your challenge is to make me cum as many times as you can by, say, midnight." 


He glanced at my bedside stand, where the digital clock proclaimed that it was just past eleven.  He grunted.  "Not much time.  And the reward?"


"Every time you do..." I reached down to pat his still half-erect penis.  "I'll add an inch." 


I giggled at the look of disbelief on his face and decided he needed a little incentive. "As I see it, I already owe you one inch..."


I gathered my powers within me.  Like most spell casters, I see magic as glowing colors or auras.  My own manifested as a sky blue aura that traced the outlines of my body.  I shaped the power with my desire and released just a trickle.  A slight glow outlined his cute manhood and Kevin groaned loudly.  His cock swelled to full erection – and kept swelling, stretching longer and gaining some thickness.  I reluctantly stopped the flow of power and watched Kevin shudder in pleasure.


"Oh my god," he breathed, staring at his new length.  "Is this real?  Is it permanent?  How is this possible?"

I cleared my throat but he ignored me.  I laughed and put a finger under his chin and made him look at me. "Yes, yes, and – hello? – I am a witch.  You saw me change into a cat.  This is child's play compared to that."


Did I mention what a wonderful kisser he is?  He nearly won another inch right then and there.  I slid a hand between our lips.  "Hang on, stud," I told him.  Once again I summoned my powers, this time tying my pleasure to an enhancement spell.  I smiled as the glowing tendrils of my casting spread over both of us and wished he could see the magic as I could. "There, now we're all ready to go."


He blinked.  "You cast another spell?"


"Of course.  How else could we play our game?"


"I thought you would, you know..."  He waggled his fingers.  "I didn't know you could do it automatically."


"I used a special spell called a trigger.  When certain conditions are met, another spell occurs.  In this case," I told him as I stroked his enlarged manhood. "The trigger is me and this is the target."


He groaned and then grabbed my wrist. "You're not playing fair," he told me.  He kissed my fingertips, then my arm, then...well you get the idea.  Pretty soon he had one of my nipples in his teeth.


I really should not have told him about the enhancements I had made to myself.  His licks and nibbles on my sensitive teats soon had me groaning happily.  It was not long at all before I was writhing on the bed in orgasmic bliss and yelping like a teenaged girl.  I always see colors when I cum, but this time I also saw my trigger spell fire in a blaze of blue that soon concentrated on Kevin's manhood.  He yelled incoherently as his cock swelled another inch.  What had begun the evening as a short-and-squat four incher was now a solid six inches.  The sensation was too much for my new boyfriend and he came all over my thighs.


He apologized profusely for the mess but did not seem inclined to take my suggestion that he lick me clean.  He settled for using a soft towel to swab off my body.  The towel felt wonderful on my skin as he rubbed in expanding circles, over my tummy and crotch and...."Hey!" I protested.  "That's sneaky."  His rubbing had grown more serious now, the soft cloth delicious against my hyper-sensitive nipples.  His other hand was sliding between my legs, a finger exploring the slippery lips of my sex and then teasing the aching spot in between.


We both screamed and with another flash of magic he was decidedly above average. Seven inches now bobbed between his hairy thighs.  I started to say something but found I could not find the breath to do so.  Kevin was the reason – he had knelt between my legs, his newly enhanced maleness rubbing against my thigh.  His finger had been joined by his devilish tongue in exploring my aching pussy.  His free hand alternated from nipple to nipple, squeezing and tugging.


I am normally not so easy, but my previous orgasm had not completely faded before I exploded in pleasure once more. This time I felt Kevin's cock sliding against my legs as it grew to an impressive eight inches.  He started to lick again but I pushed him away, none too gently.


"Wait," I gasped.  "No fair.  I told you about the nipples...and now you're...cheating with them."


He responded by tugging on one.  I shuddered even as I slapped his hand.  "Come on, Kevin."  I looked at the clock, which now read 11:26.  "If you keep this up you'll literally be hung like a horse."


"You set the rules," he said, grinning at me from between my thighs.  He deliberately licked my labia from bottom to top as he reached up and tweaked both of my engorged nipples.  He seemed very proud of himself when I yelped and came again.  I suppose he had reason to be proud of the nine inch penis that now throbbed against my legs.


When the colors finally faded from my vision, I saw that he had propped himself up over me and was smiling down at me.  I laughed and tilted my head up to kiss him.  "Like the game?" I wondered.


"I had my doubts," he said.  "I'm still getting used to the fact that magic is real.  I cannot believe that I have, well..." he looked down his body and wiggled his hips.  I felt his heavy shaft slap against one thigh, then the other and I could not help but giggle.  "This is either the scariest or the best night of my life....probably both."


"Am I so scary?" I said, reaching up to wrap my arms around his neck and giving him my best pout.


"Are you kidding?  You're a witch.  I should be running away," he said.  His manhood said otherwise though.  I could feel it growing harder and hotter against my flesh.


I shifted my leg so that it rubbed that wonderful hardness.  "That's right, you should.  Take your...winnings...and run!"


He smirked down at me.  "I have a better idea."


"Oh?" I wondered with a raised eyebrow.


He leaned down to kiss me and then whispered in my ear.  "I am going to fuck you until you cum and you feel my cock growing inside you.  Then I'm going to do it again and again until midnight comes!"


I love when a man keeps his promises. 


I really had not lied to him when I said I'd had fun before our little game started, but the sensation of his enlarged cock sliding into me was heavenly.  Before he had stretched my opening with his stout little penis, but now I felt that delightful fullness gliding deep within me.  I answered his slow thrusts with my hips and we fell into the ageless rhythm of lovemaking.


To his credit, he kept his hands off my nipples this time.  Still it was not long before his thrusts started coming faster and faster and I felt that familiar tension growing.  Kevin was relentless as he filled me again and again.  Moments later I came again with a glad cry.  Glowing blue tendrils danced along our entwined limbs and suddenly he cried out as well.  He began to cum and I felt a familiar pulsing and spreading warmth within me that became something extraordinary as his swelled inside me.  The expanding flesh spread my taut sex until I thought I might burst.


I could not help it, really.  The sensations caused by his growing cock were overwhelming so of course I came again.   What had been a pleasurable sense of fullness became almost painful as his cock once more began to swell.  It still felt wonderful though and I began to quake under him at the sensation--


I bit my lip, hard, and thankfully the pain stopped the cycle.  I am not sure what might have happened if it had continued but I suspect it would have involved some magical healing to straighten it all out.  Still, I found myself impaled now on a cock that could only be described as massive.


Kevin was looking down at me with worry in his eyes.  "Are you ok?  Am I hurting you?"


I smiled at him and shook my head.  "I wasn't ready for that sensation.  Great goddess I've lost count.  How big are you now?"


He smiled.  "Eleven inches," was all he said as he slowly backed away from me.  It took several seconds, but finally I felt the massive shaft slide out of my depths.  I felt relieved and disappointed all at once.


Kevin had no such conflicts.  He was sliding a hand along his new cock and grinning ferociously.  It was impressive.   He had been thick before our game started and each enhancement spell had increased the scale of his manhood.  It was now so thick that his hand did not quite fit around the shaft.  The velvety skin glistened with our shared juices and even though it was softening it looked as thick as a firehose.


Kevin stood and walked over to my mirror to admire himself.  I giggled at his bow-legged stride.  He shook his head at his reflection.  Both hands were now caressing his maleness and he seemed to have forgotten all about me.


That would never do.


 I glanced at the clock.  Only a few minutes were left until midnight.  A naughty smile on my face, my hands quickly found my turgid nipples and my aching clit.  I masturbated furiously, trying to ignore the clock and instead concentrating on the sight of Kevin massaging his monstrous cock.  I groaned happily to myself, giddy with my success as tremors of pleasure rolled through my body.  I watched through slitted eyelids as my magic reached across the room and enveloped Kevin's cock.  Magic glowed between his fingers and his cock forced them apart as it swelled once more.


Poor Kevin was not expecting it, so I forgave the mess he made of the mirror when the sensations overwhelmed him.


"Why did you do that?" he wondered as we sat together on the bed.  Midnight was past, my mirror was clean, and he was squirming as he tried to find a way to sit with all that meat between his legs.


I grinned at him.  "I figured you would want an even dozen inches."


He rolled his eyes at me.  "Uh huh.  Not only are you a witch and a nympho, you're a bad liar."


I stuck my tongue out at him.  "I am not a bad liar.  I just thought it was cute how you were admiring yourself and thought I'd give you some more to admire."


He shook his head, looking down at the appendage in question.  "It's too big, Tabitha.  I was hurting you before you made it grow again.  And how am I going to walk with this thing?"


I laughed.  "You still don't get it, do you?  I'm a witch, and I specialize in transformations.  Don't worry about making tab A fit in slot B, ok?"  He laughed at my weak joke. 


I decided that this mortal man might actually have some potential.


"And as far as walking with it...well, all I can say is practice makes perfect.  Oh, and you'll need to tuck it down your pant leg."


He squinted at me suspiciously.  "How do you know that?"


I sighed patiently and just looked at him.  Eventually a light clicked on in those pretty blue eyes.


"Of course, you're a witch.  But does that mean you've done this with another man or..."  His words stumbled to a halt.


I gave him my best wicked grin.  "Or do I have experience in tucking a cock down my pants leg?"  I patted his cheek.  "Don't be silly."


He sighed in relief.  Of course I could not let him off the hook that easily.


"Why would I need to tuck it down a pants leg when I could just wear a long skirt?"


Kevin blinked.  I fell back on the bed, giggling so hard that I hardly put up a fight when he rolled me over and started putting his massive new toy to good use, muttering all the while about what a naughty little witch I was.


Oh yes, I decided as he began to thrust.  This one is a keeper.