Justice, of a Sort

By Circe


Doctor Braxton,


You asked me to write about what happened because you think I'm not "confronting the reality of what occurred."


That's a nice theory, doctor, but the realities - all of them -- are not in question.  If I ever doubt the current reality I have two great reminders close at hand.   All the therapy in the world will not change that.  Still, I know that I have to complete the therapy before you will let me out of this hospital, so here is what happened in all the gory detail.


It started simply enough.  I was walking home after work.  It was a Wednesday in October and a little later than normal but still not usually a problem in our city.  Crime had never been a major problem in that area, other than the occasional mugging, and the return of magic had brought out so many superhero wannabes that your main danger was being "saved" by an overeager man in tights.


Or so I thought.


As I passed the alley near Sixth and Capitol, someone called out to me.  I looked into the alley but could see nothing but shadowy shapes that spoke of dumpsters and refuse.  It was obviously a trap of some kind.  I should have quickly left the scene and perhaps called the police on my cell phone.


Instead, I turned into the alley and began to walk into the dark.  This is one of those points, Doctor, where you believe I'm in denial.  I assure you that I did not want to go into the alley.  I was shocked when my feet began taking me that way.  For a moment it was like watching one of those silly horror flicks and you are yelling at the victim not to open the window or answer the phone.  I kept telling my body to change direction but it took me into the darkness as though I belonged there.


I was not at all surprised to find myself confronted by three thugs, all with smug looks on their faces as I walked up to them and stopped.


"See, I told you it would work," said the apparent leader.  He was a powerfully built white man with a shaved head and yellowish eyes.  His cronies were a tall, thin black man with an astonishing number of tattoos and a younger man who looked vaguely Hispanic and seemed to like piercings as much as his friend liked body art.


Oh great, I thought to myself.  The politically correct crowd would be so happy to see such a diverse gang.


The three of them were staring at me and seemed unsure of what to do next.  Diverse, but dumb.  I decided to help them out.  "Here's my wallet," I volunteered.  I had been in my share of fights, but there were three of them and possibly more in the shadows.  Besides I had all of twenty bucks in my wallet and one nearly maxed-out credit card - nothing worth getting hurt or killed over. 


The men laughed as I held out the wallet.  My stomach took a nasty turn as their leader knocked the wallet from my hand.  I had not been truly afraid until that point.


"What do you want with me?" I demanded as bravely as I could.  I had not seen any weapons yet and I was starting to wonder if running would be a good idea.  The leader had something in his hand but it was too small to be a gun or even a serious knife.  It seemed to glow faintly which seemed odd, but my mind was on other things.  Given half a chance I decided I would show them how well I could put one foot in front of the other.


Their point man leaned in towards me and grinned.  "What do we want?  Depends on who you ask.  Me, I like great big titties."  Whatever he had in his hand glowed briefly as he spoke.


I know, dear Doctor, that you think I am repressing my memories of what happened next, that there must have been tingles some sort of sensation or transition.  That's not at all how it went, though.  One minute I was a normal young man nervously confronting several thugs.


The next I had breasts. 


Or as he had said, great big titties.  I could see them in the bottom half of my field of view.  My shirt was stretched over twin mounds that extended far out from my chest.  I could feel them too.  My chest felt both heavy and loose.  Wiggly.  Like two huge bowls of Jell-O had suddenly attached themselves to me.  And my nipples—Doctor, you grew up with female nipples so you have no idea what it was like to suddenly have two very sensitive points rubbing at my shirt where before I had two non-functional little bumps.


My assailants were laughing and hooting.  I could hear them but I was too busy gaping down at my new anatomy.  I had never seen breasts from this angle but I could tell they were as big as or bigger than any I had ever seen.  I remember being fascinated at how my shirt had apparently grown to accommodate the foreign growths on my chest.  Buttons should have been flying everywhere but instead the shirt seemed to fit perfectly.  Its material seemed different too, silky and lighter than before.


"Dude, those are awesome tits!" shouted the Hispanic-looking guy and I blinked at him.  The fog in my head finally cleared enough to realize it was time for me to leave.  I turned to run when I heard the leader say "You cannot leave.  You will stand quietly until we are done with you."


As soon as he spoke my feet betrayed me.  Instead of sprinting out of there I slowly turned back around to face the three men.  My new breasts wobbled from side to side as I moved.  I wanted to scream or run or collapse but I could do nothing except stand there and wait for there next move.  You once suggested that this indicated some sort of hidden desire, that maybe I wanted what they did to me.  Nonsense.  My body was theirs to command.  I could no more leave than I could stop the Earth from turning, so I stood and waited.


I did not have to wait long.  The three of them gathered around me, poking and touching my humiliating new cleavage.  The black guy seemed to especially enjoy tugging at my new nipples.  They were embarrassingly large and made absurd tents in the silky blouse that had replaced my shirt.  After a few minutes the leader passed the thing in his hand to the black guy.  I caught a glimpse of a slim rod or pointer.  He grinned down at me and my stomach sank to my feet.  "Nice boobs, man, but I think you need a little something to balance them!  You have a big firm bubble butt and long smooth legs."


Again there was no transition.  I found myself looking way up at the black man and felt a little vertigo at the sudden change in altitude.  My legs were touching each other, smooth skin touching smooth skin.  My butt felt like it was sticking out five feet behind me.  My feet were arched oddly and I could feel a breeze on my lower legs and a swirl of fabric around my thighs.  Dimly I realized that my clothes had once more adjusted themselves and I was now perched on a pair of high heels and wearing only a skirt instead of my pants.


The black man grinned and smacked my butt lightly.  I felt my fleshy posterior jiggle and, Lord help me, I liked it.  The leader of the gang seemed to like it too.  He kept running his hand over and over the curve of my ass.


I was a little distracted so I did not notice when they gave the third man, the Hispanic one, the magic wand or whatever it was.  "You make one ugly girl," he said.  "But not for long.  You have a face like an angel, with a mouth made for sucking cock.  You have red hair all the way down to your ass."


The world went fuzzy for an instant and I blinked.  My eyelids felt heavy with their longer lashes.  I explored my lips with my tongue.  They were huge and soft and I tasted lipstick on them.  I could feel the new weight of my hair pressing against my back.  It was strangely comforting.  That comfort vanished in the next moment when he wrapped me in his arms and kissed me.  It was forceful and unwelcome and the probing of his tongue made me want to puke…but still I stood quietly as I had been ordered to do.  My assailant did not seem to mind.  His hands were everywhere, cupping my breasts, tugging at my long hair, sliding along my hips, reaching between my legs.


"Shit!  He's still got a dick!"  The others laughed as he quickly let go of me.


"Man, that is the finest looking tranny I've ever seen," said the black guy.  For a moment I thought they would start fighting and maybe somehow I could get myself out of this, until the leader grabbed the rod once more.


"OK, calm down you two.  Her dick bothers you?  Let's just take care of that."  He pointed his hand at me and I screamed inside, knowing what was coming next.  I could do nothing but watch, though, as he made the final changes.  "You are all girl, with a sweet little pussy."  He paused and watched me.  I felt smaller.  I cannot describe it any other way.  I felt tiny despite my huge tits.  Vulnerable.  Female.  The sudden void between my legs made that last part all too clear.  My underpants felt silky and tight against my crotch and a presence I had felt all my life was gone.  The bastard grinned as he watched me getting used to my new condition.  As I looked down at my altered body I realized that even my fallen wallet had changed.  A little black leather purse lay there now. 


My tormentor was not through with me.  "You love being a sexy girl.  You're a ditzy bisexual nympho that loves the taste of cum.  You love us and will do anything we ask." 


I smiled happily at his words, because I did love him and wanted desperately to please him and his friends.  They were no longer threatening at all.  I longed to run my fingers over the white guy's bald head, to find out how just how many tattoos the black guy was hiding under his clothes, and what interesting piercings the other man might have.  My new nipples were achingly hard and my groin felt warm and wet and strangely empty.  "You can move around now, bitch, and give us each a blowjob to show us how much you like your new body."


I was suddenly free to move.  The men were watching me with anticipation.  A fading part of me knew I should run, or scream, or kick them in their swelling groins.  There were a thousand things I could and should have done.  Instead I smiled and posed for them.  They were watching me and that made me feel just glorious.  I sank to my knees.  I unzipped them.  I stroked their cocks until they were good and hard.  And then I sucked them off as best I could.  As I did, I thanked each one for my new body in my sexy little soprano voice.


Why?  Because I wanted to more than anything in the world.  More than escaping to safety.  More than getting my manhood back.  More than surviving, I had to have their cocks in my mouth and show them that I loved what they had done to me.


Have you ever sucked a cock, Doctor?  Not all girls have; some think it's gross.  I love it.  Cocks are amazing.  They are so hard when men are excited but they are covered in soft warm flesh - like an iron rod in velvet.  And I for one love the taste of their flesh and cum.  Sometimes I wish I still had mine just so I could suck it.  I'm very limber now, you know.


Too much information for you, probably, but you wanted to know how I felt.  I was in heaven and soon so were all three of my masters.  I slurped each of their cocks in turn, happily sliding my new soft lips along their flesh and teasing with my tongue.  I was good at it too.  I don't know if they made me a good cocksucker or whether I simply was remembering what I liked, but it was not long before each of them spurted in my mouth or on my face and breasts.


I was ecstatic as they helped me to my dainty feet, because I knew what must be next on their agenda.  They were already getting hard again and my new pussy was eager to be filled.  I grabbed the leader and kissed him hard.  I was rubbing my enormous boobs against him when everything changed again.


"Ahem," said a clear feminine voice.  I ignored it at first.  My master's cock was rubbing at my upper thighs and I was busy figuring out the best way to introduce it to my new sex.


My masters reacted more violently.  The black one said, "Hey bitch, take it somewhere else."  He gripped his still-hard cock and stroked it.  "Unless you want to join in," he said with a leer.


"Yeah, this is a private party!" said the pierced man.


I looked over my shoulder to see who they were talking to.  A shapely figure materialized from the shadows, one that I recognized immediately.  It was the so-called superhero known as Ming-cho the Sorceress.  You have seen pictures of her I'm sure; a tall Asian beauty wearing a sleek little black dress.  Midnight hair swirled around her like a cape, falling nearly to her ankles.  A lace choker on her slim throat carried an oval stone with a dragon engraved in emerald.  She was gorgeous and yet scary all at the same time.  She was regarding the four of us with a raised eyebrow.


You might think I was happy to see her.  Instead I was mad about the intrusion and a little jealous about how the men were looking at her.  I wished she would go away so I could go back to pleasing my masters.


"Where did you three manage to find such a powerful Token?" she wondered in a husky contralto that made me think of cats purring.  The slight Chinese accent only made her voice sexier, the slut.


The men were muttering to each other as they began to realize who they were facing.  The leader pushed me away slightly and I pouted.  "None of your business," he told her. 


She shrugged.  "It does not matter, I was just curious.  Now release her and hand over the Token."


"You want it?  You got it!"  He pointed the thing in his hand at Ming-cho.  "You're a real bitch, a female cocker spaniel!"  A pair of flashes followed his words, one from my master's hand and the other from Ming-cho's dragon pendant.  Suddenly a very surprised cocker spaniel stood where my master had been a moment before.  I gasped in dismay.  Her thick fur was a rich tan color and her clothes were gone, replaced by a leather collar around her throat.  The thing Ming-cho had called a Token lay on the ground nearby.  It was a thin rod that looked like it had been made from some ruby-like substance and was tipped with an engraved silver cap. 


The Sorceress laughed.  "Idiot," she told the new dog.  "Haven't you ever heard of wards?"  The dog's stubby tail tucked itself between her legs and she shivered on the pavement.  My heart broke at the sight of those big brown sad eyes.  I realized that I still loved her, even though she was a dog.  I knelt beside her and held her to my new bosom, stroking her soft ears and whispering that it would be alright.


The Sorceress sighed as she watched me comfort my transformed master.  "I'll have to fix that later.  First, though, I think you two need to be taught a lesson as well.  I think you have already chosen the form of that lesson."  Ming-cho made a motion with her hands that I did not quite catch.  A light green glow enveloped my other two masters, who looked at her with eyes as round as saucers.  In fact, their eyes seemed to be larger, with thicker lashes.  Unlike the other changes that day I could see it happening to them.  The black man's lips changed color and softened as his nose shrank in a face that was now decidedly feminine.  My Hispanic master's face was soon an exact duplicate of his, both of them blinking as their eyes become angelic blue pools.  Their hair began to grow longer and tumbled over their shoulders in waves of red curls.  Their skin was becoming smooth and lighter until both of them looked Caucasian.  Tattoos and piercings faded, leaving flawlessly smooth flesh.  They each grabbed their chests as mounds began to push out against their shirts.  Suddenly they both shrank, so quickly that it set their new breasts to jiggling.  They staggered and barely kept their balance when their hips rounded out and their butts swelled deliciously.  They both grabbed at their crotches with dismayed expressions on their pretty faces.


I finally realized what was happening.  My masters were now just like me, gorgeous red-headed females.  The sight of them turned me on so much I nearly had an orgasm.  I loved the idea of being one of a set of sexy triplets and my head was full of visions of the three of us tangled together in a blissful lesbian orgy. 


I must have made a noise or maybe I even said something about my visions.  Ming-cho snorted and said "Come here, girl." 


I obeyed, even though she was not one of my masters.  I looked up at her and said, "Could you change my master back?  She's cute as a dog but I miss her cock so much!"


The Sorceress sighed and rolled her eyes.  "Simple-minded bastards," she muttered.  "I can't believe they made you such a ditz."  I did not understand her but I was starting to think she was not going to change him back.  I was about to beg for his return when she placed her hand on my head.  I felt dizzy for a minute and giggled at a buzzing sensation in my head.  "Oh Goddess!  They did this to another man?" 


I smiled sweetly at her.  "Isn't it cool?  I'm like totally hot now, aren't I?"


She sighed as she looked down at me.  "Yes, dear, very hot.  Just wait a moment while I finish with these two."  She turned to my new sisters and made another of those odd motions with her hands.  I had an impression of their clothes shifting around their bodies as they suddenly vanished.


"Where did they go?" I pouted.


"They are going to spend some time entertaining men at a place I know over on Twelfth Street.  If I remember and think they've suffered enough, in a month or two I might consider changing them back."

"But—" I wanted them back now, or to go with them.


"Enough, girl.  Now come with me while I see what I can do about you and your new puppy."


As you know, Doctor, there was very little she could do.  I stayed in her house for weeks while she poked and prodded me and my new dog.  The former men had used a magical device - what Ming-cho called a Token - whose changes to reality are retroactive and even worse can only be undone by the person who made them.  This is why no record of me as a man exists.  My parents remember a daughter.  My high school shows that I was a cheerleader and even Homecoming Queen.  I'm not surprised; judging by the photos I was an early bloomer.  Even my dear wife Lisa is now my lesbian lover and cannot understand why I think I was a man.


The same thing was true of my new dog.  As far as anyone knew, "Muffy" had been mine since she was a puppy.  The problem, of course, is that Muffy cannot possibly use the device to undo the changes she made before she tried to transform the Sorceress.  We are both stuck just as we are.  I am fortunate that the sorceress was at least able to restore my mind to something like it was before the changes began, but the physical changes cannot be undone.  This, of course, is precisely what makes it hard for you to believe any of my story.  As far as you know, I am a woman and have always been one.  Muffy is and has always been a dog.  You only have my word and that of the Sorceress to tell you different.


This is also why you must take my word for it when I tell you I am guilty of murder.  You and the police have checked and found no record of the other two men, not as the thugs they were nor as the red-headed bombshells that Ming-cho made them.  As far as you can tell they never existed.


Just like…dear God…just like my children.  Lisa and I had three, two sons and a daughter.  When reality adjusted so that she and I were lesbians, they vanished as though they had never been.  She does not even remember them.  Only I do.  Only I could.  I see their faces every night in my dreams.  I keep expecting to see them playing in the yard or eating at the table or aggravating me in the dozens of ways that only kids can.  But they are gone and I am the only one that remembers that they were ever born.


Ming-cho, as always, has her theories.  She thinks that reality would not allow them to simply vanish, that they were most likely transformed into members of other families.  She may be right.  I pray that she is. All I know is that one day I had a family and a house full of laughing, trouble-making, wonderful kids and the next there was only myself and my "life-partner."  I love Lisa with all my heart but it is a poor substitute for what was.


What police officer could I call, though?  What court could I appeal to?  As far as the world was concerned no crime had taken place.  Even Ming-cho's memory seems vague on exactly what happened.  I knew though.  I remembered.  And after a few days of getting used to being built like a stripper I decided that only I could see that justice was done.


It was easy.  Ming-cho had given up on undoing the changes wrought by the ruby rod and seemed to even have difficulty remembering that she was supposed to be researching it.  I took it from her lab as an experiment and she did not seem to notice even after I had it for several days.  Pleased with my success, I began taking taxi-cab tours of Twelfth Street until I found the brothel that housed my former masters.  It was not hard to find - how many such places exist that have twin redheads as their star attractions?


It was also not difficult to get close to them.  After all, I looked exactly like them.  I sashayed into the place just before noon one day as though I owned it.  A voluptuous black girl assumed I was one of the twins and did not look surprised when I could not seem to remember which room was "mine."  She just sighed and pointed up the stairs and named a room number.  Just that easily I was standing in their tawdry bedroom.  The two of them were tangled together on the bed wearing nothing but a bed sheet.  A variety of sex toys and ointments and such things was piled on the bed, the nightstand, and the nearby dresser.  It appeared they were enjoying their new profession.


I could have left them like that of course.  They tried to rape me, so spending time as hookers was a fitting punishment.  But they also needed to pay for what they had done to my children.  I raised the ruby rod in my hand and pointed it them.


And hesitated.  I really had not put much thought into exactly what I would do to them.  All my efforts had concentrated on getting me here, with the wand, and now I was unsure what to do.  Make them remember what they had done?  Change them into dogs like Muffy?  Could the wand simply remove them from existence as my children had been removed?


Then I smiled as I realized what I must do, and whispered "An eye for an eye..."  I pointed the ruby rod at them once more and told them about their new reality.


So you see, Doctor, this is why those two thugs are gone from the pages of history, and also why Lisa and I now have pretty, intelligent, loving twin daughters.  She remembers being impregnated by a clinic and giving birth to Lori and Loni three years ago.  She's even after me to have the same procedure.  Of course I remember something a bit different.   I killed those bastards just as they killed my children.  Their old lives are gone as surely and completely as if I put a bullet through their brains.  I also caused their rebirth.  It seemed like the only fair way to balance the scales.


Maybe Ming-cho is right and the rod will not allow you to remove someone from existence, only change the nature of it.  I do not care, I am just happy that Lisa and I have two such wonderful daughters.  I only wish I could do the same with Muffy.  I could not undo her changes so she is still a dog.  She was skittish at first but has calmed down a lot since she had her first litter of pups.  I make sure to breed her regularly, though I think the little bitch is starting to enjoy it.


There it is doctor.  The whole story, or at least the story as I remember it.  There may be no victims that anyone remembers, let alone perpetrators or even a crime.  But justice, of a sorts, has been done.


Justice is unfortunately a cold sort of comfort.  Eventually it all caught up with me and Lisa brought me here when I could no longer sleep through a night without screaming.  I do have to thank you for helping me get past my problems, even if you believe that my stories are the rantings of a stressed-out woman.  I am much better lately and cannot wait to get home to Lisa and our girls.


Doctor, you tell me that I have not confronted the reality of my situation.  My response is that there is more than one reality to deal with.




Gwen/Gary Kettering


P.S.  You asked again about the fate of the Token.  It vanished soon after I transformed my former masters.  Having used it for a while, I suspect it does not like to stay in one place for long.  I think it will appear again.  I only hope that whoever finds it has better luck than I did.