Home Up

Justin adjusts to some changes

Tess As Cupid

Dan's Birthday 2006

EGS's Dan Shive gets a present from Tedd that he...um she...would like to return.

Tess Really Likes Fieldtrips!

Done in Poser with some editing in PSP.

Lady Godiva Susan

Justin doesn't seem thrilled with Susan's protest for some reason.

Target Practice

Very silly, with few redeeming qualities!


What if EGS technology showed up in Doom?

Tedd as Uhura

Personally I think Tedd looks great in a miniskirt!

Carrot Juice

Amanda should really learn not to drink anything found at Dr. Germahn's labs.

Tess CowTaur

Because people asked me where Tess-taur's nipples were.

Cat and Mouse

Cafe Tedd

El Goonish Possible

Orion Susan

Someon's gonna pay for this...

Lil' Stinker

Elliot All Dolled Up

fElliot and mSarah as Jasmine and Alladin

Our heroes are a bit oblivious to Genie-Grace. I wonder what they'll wish for?

While Dan's Away

Who Needs a Horse

Cow Flu