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This site is devoted to those who share fantasies of transformation.  I have always dreamt of becoming something new and wished there were some way for me to experience life in different ways.  Changes in personality, gender, race, age, size, and species all have held my interest at one time or another -- sometimes all at once!

Often these dreams involve sexuality in some way, so be forewarned that there is adult material on this site.  Please do not read items marked as adult unless you are over 18 and not easily offended.


Site News

01/30/2007  Added Galleries for my silly so called "artwork"

08/07/2006 Added "Love and Choices" to the stories area.

12/22/2005 Added "Drafted' to the stories area.

8/17/2005 Replaced the old, nasty TransForum with a phpBB bulletin board!

8/14/2005 Added Chapter 6 of The Body Stylist.

5/5/2005 Yahoo has deleted Circe Studios 2. Stay tuned for word on a new site for sharing images.

3/17/2005 Happy St Patrick's Day! Added Chapter 5 of "The Body Stylist" to the stories area

2/24/2005 Added Chapter 4 of "The Body Stylist" to the stories area.

10/16/2004 Added Chapter 3 of "The Body Stylist" to the stories area.

9/13/2004 Added TransForum discussion area, and a goofy drawing to the Circe's Stories area.

9/12/2004 Began adding stories to the site.

9/11/2004 Yahoo decides to delete my Circe Studios group.

9/1/2003 Implemented site and ordered URL.

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